Our Transparency

GovLab Grants and Contracts since 2013

Funder Amount


Research, design and develop a model constituent engagement plan to be piloted in connection with soliciting the opinions and expertise of AARP members to inform the development of AARP policy

$ 22,000.00

Amazon Web Services

Sponsorship of Open Data 500 Roundtable

$ 25,000.00


Primer on international insights and ideas in how to innovate in government

$ 18,180.00

Anonymous Family Foundation

Open Innovation for Solving Public Problems in Latin American Cities, supporting research on the impact of open innovation on policymaking

$ 91,000.00

Government of Australia

Open Data 500 Collaboration and membership in the OD 500 Network

$ 20,000.00

Bertelsmann Foundation

Supporting the development of a methodology for people-led innovation and co-design in cities

$ 40,000.00

Bertelsmann Foundation

Trendspotting: creation of public-facing dashboard that will track the political and economic relationships between the US and the members of the EU

$ 268,272.00

Government of British Columbia

Benchmarking Study: Comparing British Columbia with other governments

$ 20,000.00

Brookings Institution

Supporting the creation of an inventory and community of female civic tech leaders

$ 8,000.00

Canada's Open Data Exchange

Open Data 500 Collaboration and membership in the OD500 network, supporting research on the impact of open data on job creation and economic growth in Canada

$ 20,000.00

Data Transparency Coalition

Open Data 500 Roundtable Sponsorship

$ 2,500.00

Democracy Fund

To study citizen engagement for Congress, create a Crowdlaw Playbook for Congress and teach citizen engagement techniques to Members

$ 151,800.00

Eric and Wendy Schmidt Fund

Support for creation of Data Collaboratives on 100 Questions whose answers could transform the way we solve a variety of 21st Century problems

$ 200,000.00


Supporting research on the uses of private sector social media data to tackle public problems

$ 25,000.00


Creation of Data for Policy Institute

$ 100,000.00


MStar SubAward supporting research on Open Data in Developing Economies

$ 112,000.00

Supporting the developing of "in the wild" empirical research methods for studying innovations in government, including methods for introducing randomized controlled trials in the study of institutional innovation

$ 300,000.00


Operationalizing Principles of a Distributed Internet Governance Framework, supporting research on innovative models of Internet governance

$ 312,254.00


Supporting ICANN Strategy Panels

$ 480,410.00


To develop a Prototype of the NETmundial Solutions Map

$ 99,998.00


Supporting a blueprint for an alternative framework of internet governance that is distributed and collaborative

$ 53,465.05


Sustaining and Expanding the NETmundial Solutions Map

$ 40,000.00


Research study of innovation skills of local governments

$ 30,000.00

Inter-American Development Bank

Crowdsourcing to Support Preparedness and Response to Zika Virus and Other Public Health Emergencies, supporting research on the use of experts-sourcing to accelerate solutions to mosquito-borne illness

$ 208,000.00

Inter-American Development Bank

Smarter Crowdsourcing Anti-Corruption, supporting research on the expert sourcing and its impact

$ 150,000.00

Inter-American Development Bank

Development of Open Data Assessment Tool in Latin American countries

$ 40,000.00

INFOTEC (on behalf of the Mexican Government)

Operationalization Memo – “Toward a Distributed Collaborative Internet Governance Ecosystem”

$ 114,222.00

John S. and James L. Knight Foundation

To conduct a census of existing companies using open data to be able to provide insight and recommendations that will lead to a better understanding of opportunities for companies to invest in open data.

$ 74,900.00

John S. and James L. Knight Foundation

To convene an Interdisciplinary Conference on Innovation in Governance (GovLab Experiment)

$ 75,000.00

John S. and James L. Knight Foundation

Supporting research on the curriculum of public entrepreneurship and problem solving

$ 3,200,000.00

John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation

Pre-Research Network Planning Grant to identify initial research agenda

$ 800,000.00

John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation

Research Network on Opening Governance, supporting a multi-school, multi-discipline research network to study the impact of technology on governing

$ 8,000,000.00

Laura and John Arnold Foundation

Supporting research on data driven criminal justice innovation and creation of an online course on data science for public good

$ 851,600.00

Madrid, Spain City Council

Collaboration on the creation of an urban innovation laboratory on citizen participation (“GOVLAB MADRID”) based on the GOVLAB experience

$ 170,000.00

Markle Foundation

Supporting research on the economic value of open data

$ 80,551.00

MediaLab Prado

Experiment design and analysis to improve citizen participation in Madrid

$ 17,000.00

Mexico's Electoral Tribunal of the Federal Judiciary

Open Justice: combines a 10-module MOOC and a hands-on coaching program to educate Mexican public officials on how to use new technologies to improve the judicial system

$ 262,000.00


The Collective Intelligence Conference Sponsorship

$ 10,000.00

New York University

Supporting research on computational methods for making distributed expertise searchable and matching the supply of expertise in universities to the demand for it in government and in universities. Also supporting the creation of expert systems in support of NYU projects

$ 1,120,047.00

New York University

Institutional support

$ 100,000.00

NHS England

To support the development of a research and evaluation programme for the open data era in health and social care

$ 131,880.80

NHS England

Develop approaches to assessing and overcoming the data science capacity gap

$ 133,666.00

NYU-AIG Partnership

Research proposal solicitation and management

$ 50,000.00

NYU-AIG Partnership

Develop prototype tool for crowdsourcing in construction/extractives industries

$ 125,000.00

Omidyar Network

Development of OpenData Case Studies and Web Site to House Them

$ 125,000.00

Omidyar Network

Supporting GovLab's data programs

$ 1,000,000.00

Omidyar Network

Powering NYers through Open Data, supporting research on the impact of open data in New York City

$ 75,690.00

Open Data Institute

Open Data 500 Research Collaboration

$ 10,000.00

Organization of American States

Supporting Coaching Programs for OAS Fellowship on Open Government and evaluation of the Fellowship program

$ 31,000.00


Preparation of innovation briefs to inform the Shared Services Worshop Research project

$ 19,965.00


Case studies where AI for CI is used by organizations to investigate customer expectations

$ 25,000.00


Open Data 500 Roundtable sponsorship

$ 2,500.00

Rockefeller Foundation

Supporting research on societal implications of blockchain ("BlockChange: Blockchain for Social Change")

$ 150,000.00

Rockefeller Foundation

Supporting Bellagio conference on citizen engagement in lawmaking

In kind

Schmidt Sciences

Supporting research on open innovation and its impact on policymaking

$ 100,000.00

Government of South Australia

Supporting research on how people learn in the public sector ("Network of Innovators")

$ 20,000.00

Government of South Korea

Open Data 500 Collaboration and membership in the OD 500 Network, Supporting research on the impact of open data on job creation and economic growth in South Korea

$ 20,000.00

Government of South Korea

Open Data 500 Collaboration and membership in the OD 500 Network

$ 20,000.00

Stanford University Markets for Good

Data Labs: Using administrative data for improving program effectiveness in the social sector

$ 37,357.00

Tinker Foundation

Research tech-enabled citizen engagement models and design a model for running City Challenges across several Latin American cities simultaneously

$ 55,000.00

Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat

Supporting creation of Introduction to Open Government course for Canadian Federal Public Servants

$ 14,600.00

United Nations Foundation

Addressing Inequality of Access to Urban Transportation from a Gender Perspective, supporting the creation of a Data Collaborative on Gender and Urban Mobility

$ 100,000.00

United Nations OCHA

Research on responsible data use

$ 29,000.00


Supporting the study of uses of private sector for public good

$ 164,786.00


Data Responsibility for Children in Programming Contexts

$ 175,000.00

United States Department of Agrictulure

Supporting a USDA Open Data Summer Camp

$ 22,500.00

William and Flora Hewlett Foundation

Supporting development of a program to strengthen data collaboratives and increase responsible data sharing

$ 600,000.00

World Bank

Building a research repository on open government research

$ 10,000.00

World Economic Forum

Promoting Public Engagement with NETmundial Solutions Map

$ 170,000.00