Projectskeyboard_arrow_rightSmarter Crowdsourcing for Zika

Smarter Crowdsourcing for Zika

Can targeted crowdsourcing help countries prepare for and respond to public health crises such as mosquito borne diseases?

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Global and complex public health emergencies, such as Zika, Dengue and Chikungunya, threaten public health and well-being, risk disruption to global and regional trade and economic stability, and cause widespread uncertainty and concern. They are complex and interdependent problems that demand access to expertise that is diverse and widely dispersed. But mobilizing this expertise -- both credentialed know-how and experiential wisdom-- demands coordination and curation to bring the best thinking to bear and translate good ideas into actionable proposals backed by evidence.


Latin America


Inter-American Development Bank
City of Rio de Janeiro
Government of Argentina
Government of Panama
Government of Colombia


In collaboration with IDB and government partners, GovLab will articulate cross-cutting problems that will benefit from diverse input, and convene experts, practitioners, researchers and government partners from across interdisciplinary domains such as public health, water, sanitation and technology. Over four months, we will design and host a series of online conferences with the participation of global experts. The conferences will be focused on identifying innovative approaches to tackle the identified problems.

Results & Impact

The project aims to generate innovative and implementable solutions that help governments prepare for and respond to mosquito borne illnesses. It will also create an informal, rapid and agile network of experts to get in good ideas for tackling the mosquito borne pandemics and making government more effective.


Beth Simone Noveck

Maria Hermosilla

Rafael F. Ayoub

Eleonore Pauwels

Denny Tek

Christopher Wong

Claudio Mendonca

Anna Bialas

Ena Bek