Our Transparency

GovLab Grants and Contracts since 2013

Funder Amount

Amazon Web Services

Sponsorship of Open Data 500 Roundtable

$ 25,000.00


Primer on international insights and ideas in how to innovate in government

$ 18,180.00

Anonymous Family Foundation

Testing Open Innovation for Solving Public Problems in Latin American Cities

$ 91,000.00


Open Data 500 Collaboration and membership in the OD 500 Network

$ 20,000.00

British Columbia

Benchmarking Study: Comparing British Columbia with other governments

$ 20,000.00

Canada's Open Data Exchange

Open Data 500 Collaboration and membership in the OD500 network

$ 20,000.00

Data Transparency Coalition

Open Data 500 Roundtable Sponsorship

$ 2,500.00

To develop empirical research methods for open gov

$ 300,000.00


Operationalizing Principles of a Distributed Internet Governance Framework (July 1-December 31, 2014)

$ 312,254.00


Supporting ICANN Strategy Panels

$ 480,410.00


To develop a Prototype of the NETmundial Solutions Map

$ 59,998.00


Open Data 500 Mexico Study as a member of the OD500 Global Network

$ 53,465.05


Sustaining and Expanding the NETmundial Solutions Map

$ 40,000.00


MStar SubAward for Open Data

$ 112,000.00

Inter-American Development Bank

Crowdsourcing to Support Preparedness and Response to Zika Virus and Other Public Health Emergencies

$ 208,000.00

INFOTEC (on behalf of the Mexican Government)

Operationalization Memo – “Toward a Distributed Collaborative Internet Governance Ecosystem”

$ 114,222.00

John S. and James L. Knight Foundation

To conduct a census of existing companies using open data to be able to provide insight and recommendations that will lead to a better understanding of opportunities for companies to invest in open data.

$ 74,900.00

John S. and James L. Knight Foundation

To convene an Interdisciplinary Conference on Innovation in Governance (GovLab Experiment)

$ 75,000.00

John S. and James L. Knight Foundation

To develop a multi-school, multi-disciplinary network of students, faculty and professionals working to design and implement ways of using technology for citizen engagement

$ 3,200,000.00

John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation

Pre-Research Network Planning Grant

$ 800,000.00

John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation

Research Network on Opening Governance

$ 5,000,000.00

Laura and John Arnold Foundation

Data Driven Criminal Justice Innovation

$ 851,600.00

Markle Foundation

Economic Value of Open Data Whitepaper

$ 80,551.00

New York University

OPEN NYU: Bringing openness to university governance

$ 395,047.00

New York University

To design an expert network and open governance innovations for the university

$ 350,000.00

New York University

To design, implement and test the use of open innovation in administrative and faculty governance at NYU

$ 375,000.00

NHS England

To support the development of a research and evaluation programme for the open data era in health and social care

$ 131,880.80

NHS England

Develop approaches to assessing and overcoming the data science capacity gap

$ 133,666.00

NYU-AIG Partnership

Research proposal solicitation and management

$ 50,000.00

NYU-AIG Partnership

Develop prototype tool for crowdsourcing in construction/extractives industries

$ 125,000.00

Omidyar Foundation

Development of OpenData Case Studies and Web Site to House Them

$ 125,000.00

Open Data Institute

Open Data 500 Research Collaboration

$ 10,000.00

Organization of American States

Coaching Program for OAS Fellowship on Open Government.

$ 13,000.00


Preparation of innovation briefs to inform the Shared Services Worshop Research project

$ 19,965.00


Open Data 500 Roundtable sponsorship

$ 2,500.00

South Australia

Membership in the Network of Innovators

$ 20,000.00

South Korea

Open Data 500 Collaboration and membership in the OD 500 Network

$ 20,000.00

United Nations OCHA

Research support to develop an OCHA Data Policy

$ 29,000.00

World Bank

Building a Research Repository on Open Gov Research

$ 10,000.00

World Economic Forum

Promoting Public Engagement with NETmundial Solutions Map

$ 120,000.00

World Economic Forum

Sustaining and Expanding the NETmundial Solutions Map

$ 50,000.00