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Our Projects try to answer the questions that stand between today and more effective and legitimate governance tomorrow

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Smarter Governance Through


How to open up government data for solving problems?

Data Driven Criminal Justice

How can data be used to increase public safety and reduce incarceration?

Open Data for Developing Economies

What is the social and economic value of open data for developing economies?

OrgPedia - Crowdsourcing and Impact Modeling

How can crowdsourcing and open data be used to gain better information about companies?


How can Congressional oversight processes be made more efficient and transparent?

Information for Impact: Liberating Nonprofit Sector Data

How to obtain more usable data about the nonprofit sector and whether open data can improve the performance of nonprofits

NHS - Open Data

How to begin implementing and measuring the impact of open data in healthcare

Open Data's Impact

What are the global impacts of open data?

How to enable data sharing from public sector to private sector?

Docker for Data

How to make open data accessible & usable?

Data Collaboratives: Creating Public Value by Exchanging Data

How to combine private and public data to solve problems?

Data Collaboratives to Improve Children’s Lives

How to leverage cross-sector data-sharing to improve the lives of children?

Open Data 500 Global Network

How to make open government data more relevant, accessible, and actionable?

Smarter Governance Through

Collective Intelligence

How and when to use the crowd to get better ideas faster into governing?

Open Governance Research Exchange (OGRX)

How to make accessible insights on solving public problems?

NETmundial Solutions Map

How to develop an open map of the field of Internet Governance through crowdsourcing?


How can we give decision-makers the information necessary to develop impactful crowdsourcing initiatives?

Peer to Patent

Can crowdsourcing improve the quality of patent applications?

FDA Profiles

Can targeting opportunities to participate in regulatory reviews of medical devices based on skills and experience improve efficacy?

Open Grantmaking

Improving the Effectiveness and Legitimacy of Government Grant Funding

Open Innovation for Solving Public Problems

How can open innovation help to tap into the skills, talents and abilities of diverse citizens to solve social problems more quickly and effectively?

How and when to target specific people in the crowd?

Network of Innovators

Can we accelerate innovation in government by making expertise of individuals searchable?


How can universities tap into the knowledge and skills that exist in their diverse communities?

NHS Public Data Science Network

How to connect a public institution to data science expertise inside and outside the institution


How can crowdsourcing enable greater citizen participation in the legislation and constitution drafting process?

Smarter State Case Studies

How could public decision-making improve if institutions knew how to leverage citizens’ and civil servants’ expertise?

How can crowdsourcing help build agile networks of experts that can quickly react to provide effective assistance to hard and urgent problems?

Smarter Crowdsourcing for Zika

Can targeted crowdsourcing help countries prepare for and respond to public health crises such as mosquito borne diseases?

Crowdsourcing Innovations in Disaster Management

How can targeted crowdsourcing help the City of Quito, Ecuador get smarter about how to prepare for a likely volcano eruption?

Smarter Governance Through

Design Thinking

How to take innovative public interest projects from idea to implementation?

The GovLab Public Projects Canvas

How to catalyze more governance innovators and policy entrepreneurs?

The GovLab Academy

How to empower civic & policy entrepreneurs to develop impactful real-word projects?