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A Research Roadmap to Advance Data Collaboratives Practice as a Novel Research Direction

By Iryna Susha, Theresa A. Pardo , Marijn Janssen, Natalia Adler, Stefaan G. Verhulst and Todd Harbour

February 2019

How Search Engine Data Enhance the Understanding of Determinants of Suicide in India and Inform Prevention: Observational Study

By Natalia Adler, Ciro Cattuto, Kyriaki Kalimeri, Daniela Paolotti, Michele Tizzoni, Stefaan Verhulst, Elad Yom-Tov, Andrew Young

January 2019

Toward an Open Data Demand Assessment and Segmentation Methodology

By Andrew Young and Stefaan G. Verhulst

September 2018

People-Led Innovation: Toward a Methodology for Solving Urban Problems in the 21st Century

By Andrew Young, Jeffrey Brown, Hannah Pierce, and Stefaan G. Verhulst

January 2018

The Social Dynamics of Open Data

By Francois van Schalkwyk, Stefaan Verhulst, Gustavo Magalhaes, Juan Pane & Johanna Walker

December 2017

CrowdLaw: Online Public Participation in Lawmaking

By Beth Simone Noveck and Gabriella Capone

October 2017

Smarter Crowdsourcing for Zika and Other Mosquito-Borne Diseases

By Beth Simone Noveck, Rafael Ayoub, Maria Hermosilla, Jesse Marks, and Peter Suwondo

June 2017

Smarter State: Smarter Health - Boosting Analytical Capacity at NHS

By Beth Simone Noveck, Stefaan Verhulst, Andrew Young, Maria Hermosilla, Anirudh Dinesh, and Juliet McMurren

February 2017

Innovations in Grantmaking Report

By Beth Simone Noveck, Andrew Young and Andrew Miller

September 2016

Encouraging and Sustaining Innovation in Government

By Beth Simone Noveck and Stefaan Verhulst

August 2016

Mapping and Comparing Responsible Data Approaches

By Jos Berens, Ulrich Mans, and Stefaan Verhulst

June 2016

Building Data Responsibility into Humanitarian Action

By Nathaniel Raymond, Ziad Al Achkar, Stefaan Verhulst, and Jos Berens. Edited by Lilian Barajas and Matthew Easton.

May 2016

Open Data Impact: When Demand and Supply Meet

Key Findings of the Open Data Impact Case Studies

By Stefaan Verhulst and Andrew Young

March 2016

The Smarter State Case Studies

By Beth Simone Noveck, Andrew Young, Maria Paz Hermosilla, Anirudh Dinesh

February 2016

Innovations in Global Governance: Toward a Distributed Internet Governance Ecosystem

By Stefaan Verhulst Beth Simone Noveck Jillian Raines Antony Declercq

December 2014

The Open Data Era in Health and Social Care

A blueprint for the National Health Service (NHS England) to develop a research and learning programme for the open data era in health and social care

By Stefaan Verhulst, Beth Simone Noveck, Robyn Caplan, Kristy Brown, Claudia Paz

June 2014

ICANN Primer

Primer on the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)

By GovLab Research

October 2013

Understanding the Technical and Business Functions of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)

Understanding the Technical and Business Functions of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)

By GovLab Research

October 2013

Smart Cities, Smart Citizens

A Presentation on Smart Communities and the Opportunities of Big Data Given to the International City/County Managers Association

By Beth Noveck

September 2013

Reimagining Governance in Practice

Benchmarking British Columbia’s Citizen Engagement Efforts

By GovLab Research

May 2013

Toward Metrics for Re(imagining) Governance

The Promise and Challenge of Evaluating Innovations in How We Govern

By Aleise Barnett, David Dembo and Stefaan G. Verhulst

April 2013

Toward Reimagining Governance

Mapping the pathway toward more effective and engaged governance

By GovLab Research

April 2013

The GovLab Compendium

GovLab Blog Posts Spring 2013

By GovLab Research

April 2013

Information for Impact: Liberating Nonprofit Sector Data

Re-posted from the Aspen Institute.

By Beth Simone Noveck and Daniel L. Goroff

January 2013